Sigma 18-200 lens has arrived!

My Sigma 18-200 lens arrived this afternoon after much reloading of An Post’s tracking site! Images later but I think this will be a good “carry around” lens to replace my 18-55 kits lens.

Much much later.. if you’d like to see how the lens performs, take a look at the Sigma 18-200 category on my photoblog!

The Holy Grail of PHP?

What is the Holy Grail? Depends on who you ask. Some may think that it’s the object orientated “Ruby on Rails” but others still use functional coding. There’s room for everyone.
This combination of Smarty, PHP and Ajax is interesting. There are a few links in the comments to other PHP toolkits including PHP on Trax which is based on the same idea as the previously mentioned Rails project.
Must study and try out later.