Customizable Dashboard Feeds

I’ve just checked in the first bits of code that will allow for customizable feeds in the WordPress MU Dashboard. It’s very much a work-in-progress and will change but here’s a few screenshots to whet your appetite! Think of this as pre-alpha code. The final version will look very different.

IRA orders end of armed campaign

I hope this time it’ll last. The IRA announced yesterday that they have, “formally ordered an end to the armed campaign.”
Of course Ian Paisley made a huge commotion about it but hopefully all parties in Northern Ireland can now sit down together and do something constructive.
(A quick search returns this disturbing page on Ian Paisley. Did he really abduct a 16 year old girl in 1956? The Wikipedia page on him is much less inflamitory.)
Oh yes, here’s a photo of the IRA laying down their arms:

Sunset Blue

Water drops on roadside grass, Sherkin Island.
I had to clean this image up a lot. DCAM Noise 2.0 is useful, as is selective gaussian blur.