Photography: Carrying kit

A good photography bag is essential when out and about, especially for DSLR users who have to carry around a lot of photography kit with them. I have a Lowepro backpack, and it’s perfect for lugging my gear about!
I may look into buying another wider camera strap too. It’s next to impossible to comfortably carry a heavy camera around my neck with the current strap. It usually goes over my shoulder.
There’s something to be said for all those lightweight compact digitals floating about!



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  1. I just recently found out that my Tamrac bag (which cost €130) isnt as waterproof as I had hoped. I suppose it’s probably too much to expect it to stay bone dry standing in the rain for hours in a field in Cashel though. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, just a bit damp around the edges.

    You should look into getting yourself one of those lovely neoprene straps like the one I have. I took off my canon strap ages ago and put on the neoprene one I’d been using for years on my film slr. very comfortable indeedy.

  2. I took my lenses out of my bag, and put the one I wasn’t using into my coat jacket. Most of the time that was my kit lens, but then I swapped around at the end of the show for some wide angle crowd shots. Bag was very light as a result and stayed on my back the whole time!
    I’ll have a look around town next weekend for another strap!

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