Thoughts on a Sharpening Workflow

Thoughts on a Sharpening Workflow – if you don’t know about sharpening, have a read of this lengthy article.
The author makes the case for 3 sharpening stages in a successfull workflow.
Be aware however if you excessively sharpen an image you’ll lose detail and introduce halos around contrasting elements of the image.
I generally leave sharpening to the end, and apply an unsharp mask just before saving.

Perfect Skin Tutorial

This tutorial is simple and straight forward. I’d rather do a little more to preserve the overall image quality and detail but this has a nice romantic/glowing effect!
And here’s how to do it if you have a make up artist at hand!

tits and sex – more more more!

fuzzix posted a great rant about how silly and stupid the furour over the GTA Hot Coffee mod is. Players go around beating up the police, breaking into houses and other nastiness involving prostitutes and baseball bats. Yet, when a nipple is spied all hell breaks loose, US Senators go into fits, and people all over the world are tut-tutting the irresponsible publishers of the game! Ha! Bloody mad!
Don’t forget, there’s a lovely tit on In Photos. Any idea what kind it is?