Wasps In My Composter!

Ah no! There’s wasps in my composter! Over the last few days there’s been an onslaught of small flies and flying ants! The local bird sanctuary is positively teeming with the little things that bite and buzz around your head! argh! “Kill Them All!”
Yesterday morning I noticed an unusual number of small insects around the garden composter, but didn’t pay it much heed as I was still recovering from the late night in Waterford on Friday.
This morning I got the zoom lens out to see exactly what they were and I wasn’t pleased.

According to this page it is possible to get rid of them: dose the heap in water until they leave. I think I’ll postpone doing that until the temperature drops. It’s expected to reach 26 degrees today and those wasps will be at their most active!

Later… it gets worse! *gulp* It’s scary having that many stinging insects in one’s garden!

Much later… after much discussion on #linux, those insects are probably bees and not wasps. I still don’t want to get close to them, but they haven’t made an appearance yet today so maybe they’ve moved on.

Luckily, there are plenty of predators feeding on the insects ..