Spreadsheet Templates

Every now and again I need to dig into Open Office to create a document, be it a report, or a spreadsheet.
Thankfully Linux has been able to read Word and Excel files for some time as that’s what the world and it’s dog use!
Anyway, I needed an invoice template, and came across these Open Office extras listing lots of templates for Writer, Calc and Draw. Several very useful examples there too!
Here’s a few sample reports in PDF format. Obviously it’s harder to edit, but at least they’ll provide for inspiration when creating your own documents!

XMOVIE – uncompressed movie player

My Panasonic FZ5 creates uncompressed quicktime movies. Unbelieveably Mplayer can’t play them!
Thankfully Xmovie does!
BTW – the Panasonic records at up to 30fps, and is great for recording snippits of concerts like I did last night! 🙂

The Gypsy Kings in Cork!

We went to see the Gypsy Kings play in Cork last night. It was a great concert but we were slightly disappointed that they didn’t play their older stuff that we knew better. Still, they got the crowd hopping, and I’ve never seen such a mix of young and old at one concert!