Saving files per drag-n-drop

When you close newer versions of the GIMP, a small dialog appears showing thumbnails of unsaved images. In the development version you can drag and drop those thumbnails to a “XDS” compatible file manager to save them!
Unfortunately, neither Nautilus or Konqueror support that feature yet, but Rox-Filer does!

Is Bush a Sith Lord?

Is Bush a Sith Lord? – go on, lap it up!

The current episode of Star Wars is dynamite for the duplicitous Bush administration. Palpatine, a Sith Lord masquerading as a galactic Republican, becomes Chancellor of the Galactic Republic through deception. Palpatine uses wars that he instigates to elevate security over the power of the Senate and to become dictator.

Free, Fly free!

On Tuesday next, I finish work at TradeSignals and move on elsewhere.
It’s been fun, it’s been tough, it’s been a long time.
While still at college I rushed late into a talk being given by local business men. Me – unshaven, weaing jeans and old tshirt, got the business card of my old boss after talking to him about my Perl college project. I never heard what the talk was about, probably the usual guff about students being great and all that sort of stuff!
7 years later here I am, older and a little bit wiser and about to start another episode in the life of me!
Announcement to come in the next 2 weeks! Thanks for reading.