Google AdSense site hijacked in the Google serps… oh the irony

You’ve probably seen it on slashdot already but here’s the scoop with screenshots. Read down through the comments. The man responsible “did it by accident” which may be so, but I find that hard to believe!
Some guy on was trumpeting some “new way” of getting PR10 for your site.. after a thread that went on for half a dozen pages it was a simple redirect hack!

Cork City Historical Photographs

Cork Camera Club (pre-1940) contains a wealth of photographs and information about the real capital of Ireland.
Cork City Council has another site with the same content, but with thumbnails. Here’s the origin of the name, Sraid an Chapaill Bhuí, and according to the first link above, an extraordinary photo since it must have been taken only 28 years after the production of the first paper negative!
It’s amazing to see the old St. Fin barres Cathedral and Marina Quay where Ford and Son had their large factory.
If you want to get in touch with other photography types, check out Cork Camera Group or Carrigaline Photographic Society (why do you have so many images when text would do?)