Rambo 3 on Wednesday Night

Rambo 3 is on RTE on Wednesday night. I never saw this film, but played a demo of the C64 game at the time. RTE had a great trailer advertising it and Sliabh picked up on it.. Rambo and Taliban vs Commies!
(via Fence)

How To Have A Number One The Easy Way

How To Have A Number One The Easy Way

The majority of Number One’s are achieved early on in the artist’s public career and before they have been able to establish reputations and build a solid fan base. Most artists are never able to recover from having one and it becomes the millstone around their necks to which all subsequent releases are compared. The fact that a record is Number One automatically means the track is in a very short period of time going to become over exposed and as worthless as last month’s catchphrase.

Wilber on a coffee mug

Is it legal to display a GPLed image on a coffee mug? Wilber is the GIMP mascot and someone wants to sell mugs with his image on them.. Legal? Olivier Ripoll replied:

Wilber logo is GPLed. So as long as you provide the source code of your mug and carve the complete GPL licence on the bottom face of the mug, there is no problem.