Do and don't battery table

Do and don’t battery table – great article explaining how to get the most out of your NiCD, NiMH, Li-ion, and lead-acid batteries. I wonder how many people maintain their car batteries correctly?

Apply topping charge every 6 months. Occasional discharge/ charge may improve performance.

Canon Camera Books

Now that I have a Canon camera in my dirty little hands I’m looking for books, and online documentation.
Mainly because I have a German manual, I ordered the Canon EOS 20D Magic Lantern Guide, and followed it up with the following two books by Bryan Peterson:

They look like good reads and along with this Canon site I should be up to speed on DSLR photography in no time! I have to admit, I shot in program mode most of my time in Chicago! I’m glad the author had this to say about travel photography:

The P mode is the best choice when it comes to shooting on trips where one can just leave the settings to the EOS camera and click on anything that is eye-catching to the photographer.

Nikon on Linux

Nikon on Linux – useful guide to getting your Nikon D70 working with a Linux system, and the steps required to get them into a state the GIMP can edit.
He has some useful scripts I might modify for use by my Canon 20D and Panasonic FZ5! Not sure about the auto-rotating. I like to keep my images as clean as possible off the camera.

Debian package management Overview

In this email to the ILUG, Justin Mason posted a very good overview of Debian package management. It covers all the usual suspects such as apt-get, apt-cache and dpkg, but also a few others I didn’t know about.
A little light reading later perhaps?
(While you’re waiting, you might like to poke a penguin!)