Waist-level viewer attachment

.. For your camera! What were you thinking?
For the 99% of the camera market that don’t have swivel bodies (Sony 7×7, 828) or swivel LCDs (Canon G6, and others) this might be useful. It looks like a mirror that reflects the LCD display at the back of digital cameras (so DSLRs are out of luck unless you want to review your photos?) Both digitalphotography blogs and engadget have posts about it and comments. It’s for sale in the UK but you could build one yourself if you’re handy at the ol’ DIY.

Little Visitor

I expect my memory cards tomorrow so I can shoot higer res images and down-sample for the web. This is only slightly resized and there’s plenty of noise but I thought it was nice enough to post regardless!

Daft.ie : The Daft Report

This is “A quarterly analysis on trends in the Irish Rental Market” and the report is available on Daft.ie.
It looks good. I’ll have a closer look later, but if you’re renting a room then this might be worth a look.