Copyright Law and Wedding Slide Shows.

This article discusses the copright issues surrounding the use of music on a slideshow, specifically a wedding slideshow.
As you might expect, copright still applies, and the artist has the right to be compensated for their work, but it’s a little complicated..

GIMPshop – A gimp in photoshop's clothing

Here’s GIMPshop, a version of the GIMP that looks like Photoshop. It’s a 40MB download for the Mac OS X version.
I’d hate to have to maintain this beast…

What made this project especially difficult is that there isn’t one file that holds all of Gimp’s tool names and menu structure. I’ve modified hundreds of files and combed thousands of lines of code to make this version of Gimp a reality.

There’s an RPM binary here for Linux users. To be honest I could never find my way around the Photoshop interface as I’m so used to the GIMP one, but whatever brings people into the fold…