Lighttpd, fastcgi, php and eAccelerator

lighttpd is a lightweight httpd server I came across on #wordpress (thanks michel_v!)
It took a while but I got it working on a server and it’s rather nice. You can run php scripts through it using the fastcgi interface. Here’s how I installed it on a Debian machine. Lines starting with “#” are commands that should be entered as the root user. (lots ripped from this tutorial)

# wget
# tar zxvf lighttpd-1.3.13.tar.gz
# cd lighttpd-1.3.13
# dpkg-buildpackage

dpkg-buildpackage can be found in the package “cvs-buildpackage”. You’ll have to install a number of dependencies before this works. Just apt-get install packagename them as they come up.

# cd ..
# dpkg -i lighttpd_1.3.13-1_i386.deb

This will install lighttpd and start it.
Now you need to install and configure php:

# apt-get install php4-cgi
# vi /etc/lighttpd/lighttpd.conf

Look for the fastcgi.server section for php4 and change it so it looks like this:

fastcgi.server = ( ".php" =>
  ( "localhost" =>
      "socket" => "/tmp/php-fastcgi.socket",
      "bin-path" => "/usr/bin/php4-cgi"

Download eaccelerator from their site and follow the instructions in the README. If you haven’t got phpize then install php4-dev.
Open up /etc/php4/cgi/php.ini and add the following at the top of the file:


You’ll have to create the tmp directory yourself. Read the README file and config docs for instructions on using the web frontend to the accelerator.

I think that’s it, have I forgotten anything?

I'm off coffee

I’m off coffee. I was never a big drinker, enjoying a cup with my breakfast and perhaps with my lunch later but I’ve gone cold turkey.
I’m off it two weeks now! 3 days into it I got an almost-unbearable headache for an hour but it disappeared and that’s it!
It’s still tempting however.. going into a cafe last weekend was a trial!
Thankfully I can think and work without extra stimulus. = idiot

Right, who’s at

Ameritech Electronic Commerce NET-AMER-673600 (NET-67-36-0-0-1)
PPPoX Pool - Rback5 BCVLOH SBC067039204000030903 (NET-67-39-204-0-1)

That’s who. You’re blocked from this server until you reign in your “wani11202” bot that was drowning us in requests. Feckin’ eejit.