Testing the Developer

Usability testing can be daunting and goes overlooked in the rush to get things out the door, but it’s important, if somewhat hard on the egos of developers when their super-duper ideas are torn down and trodden on!
See the great comic too! hehe.

Even Better than the Real Thing Vol.3

I bought Today FM’s newest album on Saturday and it’s an excellent compilation of U2 covers. I love Vertigo done by Kevin Doyle, an Elvis impersonator but there’s some great music on this 2-CD set, and all profits go to the UNICEF Tsunami Relief Fund!
Go buy it, it’s in the shops now!

Smarty Sample Application: Guestbook

Ooh nice. Monte Ohrt wrote a guestbook as a demonstration of how to use Smarty to seperate presentation and code.
It’s well laid out and described in detail. If you’ve wondered what this Smarty thing is take a look at this and read through it a few times.
Later… PHP Guru has a guide to setting up an application’s structure which is worth a look!
My Top Two PHP Security Practices (via phpcomplete)
Synamic Typing (via PHP Everywhere)
lighttpd – lighttpd a secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web-server which has been optimized for high-performance environments. It has a very low memory footprint compared to other webservers and takes care of cpu-load. Its advanced feature-set (FastCGI, CGI, Auth, Output-Compression, URL-Rewriting and many more) make lighttpd the perfect webserver-software for every server that is suffering load problems. (via michel_v on IRC)

Infra Red Webcam

How to make your webcam see in infra red! Just wish I could get my webcam to work. It’s the crappy one IOL gave away with their broadband package and doesn’t play well with Linux or even Windows if a recent thread on ILUG is to be believed!

Blogthings – What Gender Is Your Brain?

This exhaustive 15 question quiz will tell you everything you want to know about your brain! *grin*
Later – the BBC has a much more complete test on their site. It’ll take you a half hour to do so reserve some time at lunch! Are you really a man or a woman?