9 Songs – sex, sex and more sex!

Some crowd are looking to ban 9 Songs from Ireland. I haven’t seen it and I don’t think I will either. It doesn’t sound like a very interesting film. Here’s some shots from the film, and a linked trailer, although it’s in Realplayer format and I CBA going to the trouble of watching it!

Plot Outline: In between attending rock concerts, two lovers meet for intense sexual encounters.

New WPMU Snapshot

An all-new, all-singing snapshot is now available. The mu website is going through some updating so you can download the files from here instead:

Hold off on downloading for a while. The SVN repository is down right now and the archives above are corrupted. I’ll post fixed files later. They’re fine now.

I rolled in a big patch by Dasher, including Derek Ditch’s wpmu manager. It also included BAStats so you have yet another way of telling where people come to your site from!
Lots of other fixes and additional features, check the change log for more.
Post questions to the support forum if you have problems.

Paint It Black

The Rolling Stones’ “Paint It Black” is the backing track to this wacky and silly Flash animation. TodayFM used it in a competition this morning which is what got me searching for it in the first place!
Not sure how well a Telly Tubby sings that track however!