DIY Flash Diffuser

One of the tips here is using the end of a shampoo bottle as a flash diffuser. Must remember to try that one. I like the idea of using a Nokia hands-free lead as a remote control for the Canon 300D! I wonder would something similar work for my 717?

Then I went searching and found all sorts of interesting things!
Oh yes. a few more tips for you. View source if you don’t want to watch the annoying vertical scroller!

GIMP Lomo Plugin

mF posted a Lomo plugin for the GIMP. His example images on flickr look good but I haven’t been able to get the script to run in GIMP 2.0, will try in GIMP 2.2 tonight.

script-fu: Error while executing
(load “/home/donncha/.gimp-2.0/scripts/lomo2.scm”)
ERROR: unbound variable (errobj script-fu-menu-register)

GIMP: Plug-In “script-fu”

attempted to install procedure “script_fu_lomo” in an invalid menu location.
Use either “<Toolbox>”, “<Image>”, “<Load>”, or “<Save>”

Update! Here is a GIMP Lomo plugin that works in GIMP 2.4!