Excellent Photoshop Post Processing Tutorial

Take a quick look at this tutorial, then open the beach image in Photoshop or GIMP and follow the instructions. You’ll learn a lot about post-processing!
My biggest surprise was when I added the “soft light” layer. Painting on it brought out detail or deepened shadow nicely!

RealAge – How old Are you really?

Fill out the survey on RealAge.com and find out how your lifestyle affects your “real age”. I only knocked a disappointing 5.3 years off my real age but the weather has to improve and I’m going to get out walking and cycling more.
Now, where’s that apple?

Yay! Paris Hilton in the news again!

As Mark says, Paris Hilton’s phone got hacked and her phone book was posted online. *Yawn*
Yes, there are pictures too but they’re the usual camera phone quality. No doubt a few of them will make it into the banner ads of some less than savoury websites shortly!
And yes, this is an excuse to name Paris Hilton on my blog. She is the most searched for female in Ireland. Thanks Darragh – blogs.linux.ie is going to be up there with the celeb sites for the latest trash news and speculation! 🙂
Much later… Now you too can see Paris Hilton’s cellphone for yourself. The guys at liquidgeneration have recreated her phone on the web and it’s extraordinary! hehe.

Sudan Red 1 – carcinogenic dye found in household brands

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland has issued a list of Irish products that contain the food dye Sudan Red 1.
The Food Standards Agency in the UK have identified up to 350 food products implicated.
I just checked the kitchen and none of the listed products are in the cupboard. *phew*
So, if that dye causes cancer and has been recalled, why not recall cigarettes?
Later… Maura has more to say on it including links to the slow food website and other goodies!