The New Roy Keane Bridge!

A new footbridge is to be built in London to link the National Stadium to the town centre.
Now’s your chance to name the bridge! Simply visit the page above, read about what they’re doing and click on “the competition” link. Now you can name the bridge.
I’d suggest the name “Roy Keane Bridge” as Mr. Keane has contributed so much to English soccer and he’s great and he’s from Cork and all that sort of thing.
(Thanks Donal for the link!)

PHP Future – Java or Simplicity

Conflict PHP is an opinion piece on the state of PHP. PHP5 (which I haven’t tried yet) is going down the road of Java and copying it’s object model and other ideas.
That’s no bad thing but most PHP developers surveyed don’t want that.
Adoption of PHP4 was much faster than PHP5 is, possibly because there was such a huge difference between versions 3 and 4. If PHP5 features were really “must haves” then people would be crying out for them. Zend is getting more “corporate” and I hope it doesn’t backfire on them!
John Lim has more on the issue.

Oops, we lost our nuclear fuel!

From where I live the Sellafield nuclear processing plant lies just across a narrow stretch of water. 30kg of fuel was reported missing a few days ago, prompting international concern and questions in the Dail, the Irish Parlaiment. They say the Missing plutonium ‘just on paper’ but I’ve found it.. it’s on eBay!

Q: Will you sell this in a decommissioned form and will you take “Northern bank hundred pound notes :)” What is postage to South Armagh 🙂
A: No I will not take hundred pound notes, nor I will not finance Irish revolutions, but seeing as you are from over the pond Guiness IS a viable alternative..