Fred – new album on Feb 25th!

Yay! Fred are going to release their second album on February 25th! Release of the album is accompanied by a release tour. They’re playing in Cork on the 26th, but I won’t be in town that night. They are playing in Clon at the end of March so who’s up for a trip down the country? 🙂

My New Mooslim Friend

Amanda has a new friend! Here’s the story of when they first met!

the day the new mooslim girl came to class mrs clark intoduced her and asked the class if we knew anything about the mooslim religion. i know a lot about false religions, so I informed the class that mooslims are a brown race from mooslim country who worship an elefant god named ganisha. they dont celebrate christmas like normal people, there equivalent is called ramada inn, and their jesus is called ibraham. the only ways to get into mooslim heaven are to either kill a virgin or blow yourself up

Edit: link is dead unfortunately, and if you’re reading this please don’t take it seriously. The piece above is a joke!

What's the GPL? WordPress and PEAR Cache Problems

Ben Ramsey explores some of the issues when you write GPLed code that uses code from the PEAR library.
I had forgotten about the differing licenses used by PEAR and WordPress. They’re unfortunately incompatible and you can’t ship PHP licensed code in a GPL project without an “exception clause” in your GPL license. A change to the license of WordPress would require the agreement of *all* copyright holders of code in the project AFAIK.
Thankfully, I don’t ship PEAR Cache with WordPress MU. I use it if it’s installed already, WPMU isn’t dependant on PEAR Cache being available to work.
I think that gets around the incompatibility. Doesn’t it?