Where's me culture? It's in Cork!

Cork City is the European Capital of Culture 2005 and despite a small budget available to the organisers they’re putting on a bit of a show this year!
Not everyone agrees with their program of activities and so the Where’s Me Culture? movement quickly became an “alternative” to the official festivities. As they put it themselves:

We believe that responsibility for celebrating Cork as a cultural city is neither the sole preserve nor the sole responsibility of the Cork 2005 office. Cultural expression is the responsibility of all.
We believe that imagination and energy and a willingness to help each other is more important than a large budget.
We believe in the cultural importance of having fun.

A walk has been organised for this weekend, and more details are available on their site. I won’t be there, but enjoy it, the Line is a lovely walk and should be fun!
If you have photographs of Cork, you might be interested in Cork Space.com. It’s a project that, “seeks to provide a space in which the urban environment of Cork can be explored, questioned and discussed through the use of images, audio recordings and moving images.” Expect to find my images up there as soon as I get around to uploading them!
(Thanks Donal for pointing me at WMC and CorkSpace!)