Donncha … With your advice I’ve managed to successfully install the 12 Jan 2005 snapshot. One of the ‘challenges’ I’m now facing is how to customize templates so that each blog author can have a different theme. I understand the basic procedure, i.e. add material to wp-content>sitetemplates and select from Manage>Themes, but I’ve got a pretty sophisticated set of php templates in my WP 1.2 standalone install which do things like build dynamic menus based on a post’s content etc and I can’t bend my mind round what’s required to implement this in WPMU.

As best I can understand the WPMU template system is driven by the Smarty Templates engine which I’m not familiar with. Is there any documentation on how this has been implemented in WPMU that might help me get to grips with what’s required?
Many thanks for the excellent work.