After several attempts and with Donncha’s help I’ve now managed to successfully install WordPressMU and can run Donncha’s registration script without problems. Here’s some info for those also going down this road.

It really seems to matter that all the admin/config balls are in line before starting the install. Donncha’s install is really efficient when everything’s set up but if there’s any gotchas! …

The first gotcha! arose because the .htaccess file contains the mod-rewrite rules which drives the generation of the virtual urls. Our computing admin had turned off .htaccess so once I had that permitted for my WPMU directory things began to move forward.

The second gotcha! was I had prepared a wp-config.php for my MySQL config (as the install page indicated I could) but the next install page then went on to state that such a file already existed and then stopped the install until I removed it, so that *it* could create it.

The third gotcha! was the install gathered the database information and then produced a wp-config.php file with a mangled database name. Once I found out that this is what it was doing I just edited the produced wp-config.php manually and the install then proceeded smoothly.

The fourth gotcha! was when I edited the .htaccess file with the path to wp-inst Donncha’s new RewriteRule. I inserted the full filesystem path but this generated multiple errors. I found that only the directory portion leading to my WPMU root was necessary, in my case /subdirectory/wpmu/ was necessary instead of /fullfilesystempath/sudirectory/wpmu.

I think what Donncha has done is really fantastic and he is to be congratulated. I have immediately moved on, however, to questions like … OK now we could possibly give everyone a blog but people move on. How to I manage/delete the blogs so created?