The Willful

The Willful played in the Coal Quay Bar last night and went down a storm! Great night, especially as I hadn’t been to that pub in months!

Broadband in Blarney!

Woohoo! I got the DSL connection going eventually! *phew* My phoneline extension cable isn’t the greatest, and I couldn’t remember the password I entered when I signed up for the 3 month free trial with IOL.
Naughty IOL – you should email the username and password when you send that nice advertising blurb after signup!
/me got a big grin on my face!

Keepers – what to keep

In Keepers, Lain Briot tackles the question of, “what photographs to keep.”
I avoid that question totally by keeping almost 100% of my photos, even the blurry pics of the empty street when my subject has walked off! Crank out the DVD burner again!

Diesel .. Old Times

It’s been a long time since diesel or petrol has cost so little. This morning the price of petrol has crept up again to 99.9¢ and probably more! The End Of Cheap Oil?