What Were You Filming?

Wow, if this guy’s experiences are anything to go by it’s getting a lot harder to enjoy a photography hobby in the States these days.
But then I’ve heard stories of tourists in Greece being arrested when they photographed planes while on holiday. I made sure to keep my camera pointed well away from the sky when I was in Crete a few years ago!
Here’s another story from that thread. Who says it’s only the Philipines that have given in to the terrorist threat?

Cobh Ramblers delighted with return of Man Utd skipper Keane

Well, shows how much I know about sport! Man Utd were in Cobh on Saturday and I didn’t even know it! Here’s the story behind it, and an old photo of Roy Keane when he used to play for Cobh Ramblers!
Luckily, a friend Catherine was there and she had a press pass! Hopefully some of her great photos will appear in WhazOn soon!