Six design lessons from the apple store

This is a short but interesting list of features and critique of the Apple Stores found dotted around the world. He didn’t get any photos inside the store, but I did, and here’s a photo from outside the Chicago store clearly showing the famed staircase!

What Were You Filming?

Wow, if this guy’s experiences are anything to go by it’s getting a lot harder to enjoy a photography hobby in the States these days.
But then I’ve heard stories of tourists in Greece being arrested when they photographed planes while on holiday. I made sure to keep my camera pointed well away from the sky when I was in Crete a few years ago!
Here’s another story from that thread. Who says it’s only the Philipines that have given in to the terrorist threat?

Facing the WTC – a protest

A loft appartment facing onto the site of the WTC is to be the location of a minor peace protest. I hope those banners stay up, but they also give me the shivers when I think I was there last summer. It was the one area of NY I didn’t photograph.