Playing Catchup on Photography Links

As usual, Mark’s been busy. He linked to a number of articles I didn’t see until this afternoon for obvious reasons! Oh, expect a few photos from Gugan Barra over the next few days. Got some great snaps out there yesterday!

  • PhotoPermit – I talked about this before, what rights have you got on the street? How does taking photos of people make you feel? Have you been accosted and confronted by an angry passer-by for taking their photo? They want to hear your war stories here!
  • Digital Sports Photography Tips – good compilation of links!
  • teleconverters, Are they useful? – lengthy article, look at the images if you’re in a hurry. Good comparisions between zooming and cropping in Photoshop vs the TC.
  • Vivid Light #37 is out! Goody!
  • – stunning photos!

Moving to Fedora Core 2

I arrived into work on Friday morning to find my machine hung and in need of a reboot. With some regret at the lost uptime of my desktop machine I flipped the switch on the case and watched the bootup. Disaster! The 2 drives on the first IDE channel failed to show! After much cursing and general worry I tried again and this time the BIOS booted fine! Woohoo!
This morning, almost the same thing happened. I checked my mail, loaded up the dozen tabs I needed for a fix of information in the morning and suddenly my browser died. Then went Thunderbird. At the same time my machine got a lot quieter and I guessed I had disk problems again!
I brought it back to life again and managed to get everything off it and used the opportunity to install Fedora Core 2.
I installed apt from but looks like a better apt-ge trepository, if for no other reason than it has “Window Maker” rpms! Gnome and Nautilaus were way too slow on my humble machine!
If you’re upgrading from an earlier RedHat release, make sure you update the fonts your apps use. I copied over my Mozilla and Thunderbird directories and they still used “serif” and “sans serif”. Once I updated them to the “Bitstream Vera” versions, as well as the monospace font too, everything looked much better! Now to download the xmms mp3 and mplayer rpms!
Later … Freshrpms has xmms-mp3 and mplayer. Fingers crossed that both repositories can co-exist!
Later Still … It seems to be fine. Don’t forget to install the Freshrpms GPG key too!
Hmm.. Why wasn’t my sound card detected?