Even The President Stands Naked Sometimes

Scott Rosenberg has an excellent and alternative take on Fahrenheit/911. Moore may bend the truth sometimes as does “the other side” but it’s the fact that he’s rebelling against the presidency in the US that’s important. He’s commiting “lese majeste”.

When the throne holds an ignorant, incompetent, profligate pretender, lese majeste becomes a patriotic duty.

Pringles Dippers Shocker!

Ohmygod! It would seem that there are problems with the new Pringles Dippers being advertised on TV with duck billed platypusses (is that right? platypussies maybe? Ah, thanks Kevin for this!) swimming behind several beautiful and not-fat young people. I’m not suggesting that eating Pringles will make you fat, but there’s even less chance of it happening with the dippers as there’s less in the box! Good luck trying to fit a dipper+dip into your mouth too. Maybe a little too big for a single dip?
Some people just hate the advert!
And finally, check ateed.com for the music to the ad. It’s loaded via a flash animation so I couldn’t download the music. Maybe someone going through a proxy can get the URL?