Digital Black & White

Mark points at Digital Black & White | Dynamic Artwork which explains several ways of converting colour images to black and white. I personally use the greyscale tool, or the saturation tool, and afterwards i[ the contrast using “Curves”.
Not withstanding the feel of B/W anyway, it’s great if you’ve shot a load of photos with the wrong white balance setting! 🙂

On The Street.. What are my rights?

question: how to avoid someone beating you up?
When you’re working your camera on the street what can you do if someone doesn’t like you taking their photo?
Andy Williams offers his opinion that it’s legal to take photos of people in a public place. If you want to publish commercially you need a model release. That’s in the States. It’s probably quite similar here.
A quick Google search unearthed this and of course this. The former link is a long article about photography and the law in France. It’s an enlightening look through the ages and a frightening look into the commercial world of tv rights and copyright.

The saying that the street belongs to all no longer holds true.

The Apologist – I'm sorry!

Jay Rayner, food critic and apologist spoke to Ray D’Arcy on TodayFM a short while ago to sell his book and Apologist website. This started a flood of apologies from listeners, some funny, some serious.