San Francisco By Night: Before and After

The very talented Andy WIlliams astounds yet again with a gorgeous photo of the Golden Gate bridge and the city behind it.
He’s also taken the trouble to post the picture before he processed it so you can see what a difference that makes. Wow!

PRCs Guide to Oxegen

I’m a little late noticing this PRCs Guide to Oxegen but it’ll still be useful if you going next year. Lots of great advice…

  • Despite this unpleasant factor of being near Dublin music festivals like Oxegen are pure daycint though.
  • If you have a tent don’t assume thieves won’t just open (or slash) your tent and take stuff from inside.
  • Blacked out windows essential in case some other feen sees your Winnie the Pooh pyjamas and you sucking your thumb like a baba.
  • Food is the job cos it keeps you going like.
  • Kildare is in the Greater Dublin area which is a significantly closer to the arctic circle than Cork therefore you can expect a temperature drop.