Fred's new EP – available online!

I missed it the other night but Fred played in the Lobby on Friday night to promote their new single.
The good news is that the single is available from their homepage to download and Fred will be the featured “rising band” on Tom Dunne’s show on Today FM.
Damn, wish I had known they played in Galway too, although it was last night.. Could I have driven down to Cork and gone to work this morning? hehe.

Mozilla Remote Exploit

Looks like a remotely exploitable hole has been found in Mozilla and Firefox. ‘Course, given the percentage of these browsers in the browser population one might be forgiven for not looking at this advisory with the attention it deserves. I bet a large minority of the visitors here and to use the Mozilla family of browsers however.

Still, it’s been fixed in Moz 1.7 and FF 0.9, so upgrade, there’s no reason not to!

The Press Photo Exhibition – Galway

After arriving in Galway shortly after 1pm on Saturday I wandered around the touristy spots of the city for an hour until joined by Niall, Daniel and Kevin in the local shopping centre where the World Press Photography Exhibition was displayed as I previously mentioned.
The exhibition was great! Photos(which you can see online too) were stunning and thought provoking, especially images of war-torn parts of the world. The photos were mounted on panels and set in the public walk ways between shops. Each panel had a short description and background information and while we were there large crowds huddled around all of them. I didn’t know there’d be nature and sports images on display but my favourite of the nature shots has to be this stunning photo of Chicago from Lake Michigan. The web version doesn’t do it justice as the image on display was so big!

Irish Boy | Mongolian street boy

Sweet Stall, Galway | Mass grave, Liberia