Run To The Light!

It doesn’t seem like a year has passed, but the 4th of July is almost upon us again! A year ago I went down to Lake Michigan with my flatmates to watch the brightly lit spectacle overhead! Mark has lots of tips on photographing fireworks on his blog, so if you’re in the USA, have a great time this weekend!

Mark's Coverage of Tech.Ed

Mark Twomey provides excellent coverage of the goings on at Tech.Ed in Amsterdam!

Militant European Linux users nearly started a fistfight with members of the Windows 2003 Server team when a FUD war went wrong. (The Microsoft definition of Open Source being somewhat different than the Linux community’s definition of Open Source.) The OS propagandists usually never come to blows as they all know that their arguments are only so much crap, but there were some very steamed up techies scurrying around the halls after a heated discussion or two today.

Microsoft’s Services for Unix guy was fun, asking assembled crowds how many of them were Linux/Unix developers who felt like fish out of water, laughing when most of the hands went up and saying that this was the safest place for them to be right now, or at least it was until the roaming packs of guys in the MSDN T-Shirts were sluggish after lunch and couldn’t chase them all that fast.

More On Bush Interview!

More on the Bush interview from boingboing! I also read in the Irish Times that a member of the Irish Government defended the interview by Carole Coleman. I’ll have a look for a link later..
Much Later.. Rymus has more, including a letter to the Examiner from a US citizen.