Aidan Staunton, Cork Artist Showing in Vision Centre

Aidan Staunton, a renowned Cork artist, is showing a collection of his paintings in the Cork Vision Centre for the next two weeks. This is what says about him:

Images of Cork City and Ireland West.

A visually striking exhibition by Cork based artist Aidan Staunton. The exhibition consists of oils and watercolours. This is his seventh solo exhibition.

He is inspired by old Cork City scenes and the rugged landscape of the West of Ireland.

In his exhibitions he records both places and changes that have occurred in cork over the past few years. His paintings range from the urban images of cork city, through to the rural aspects of the West of Ireland.

This exhibition will run from 30th June –15th July 2004

The Cork Vision Centre @ St. Peter’s is open from Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm.

I attended the opening of the exhibition last night and his paintings are breath-taking. If I had some spare cash I’d buy “Looking Down St. Patrick’s Hill”, or “Fitzgerald’s Park Fountain” to adorn the living room at home!

Sorry officer, was I going too fast? No, you were flying too low.

In an otherwise dry conversation about fuel economy numbers, this little nugget brought a smile to my face..

Get the car up to about 70 MPH so that there just a slight aerodynamic effect on the body. Then a gust of wind will literally lift the car and blow it into either the left or right lane.