Telephoto Is For Cowards

Telephoto Is For Cowards, maybe so, but it’s a brave soul who’ll go up to some of the people I see on the street and take their photo! Mark linked to the Photographers Rights pamphlet but it applies mostly to the USA. Things are different enough in Europe that it would confuse matters.
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The fact is, real photographers don’t shoot candids with telephoto lenses.
One pervasive image of the photographer is the celebrity-stalking paparazzi, the sleazy PI on Cheaters, and the creepy old guy in the trenchoat in the woods by the playground, all of whom wield big black cameras and three-foot-long lenses. This is the image of the photographer as stalker: someone who sees us from a long way off without us seeing him; who steals our picture without our knowledge, for some sinister purpose or other.

When Bush Came to Ireland

Some of the Irish protested. The troops and Gardai prepared to protect him at great monetary cost to the Irish public.(No, I don’t want to see him murdered, and yes, there are loonies everywhere!) Bush was interviewed on Irish TV and rejected the “idea that the world was less safe because of US policy in Iraq” even though AFAIK terrorist activity increased in 2003.
Cal Thomas appeared on TodayFM last night and was so full of b*llsh*t I couldn’t believe it. He left a terrible impression of his views by dodging the main point of an article he wrote several weeks ago – that Irish protesters had to pay to protest against Bush. They were paying to go to a protest concert featuring many commercially successful artists in a large venue in Dublin.
Newt Gingrich was on Radio 1 yesterday morning and he came across as a much more intelligent, eloguent speaker, as he must do considering his job!

Beyond the Five-Paragraph Essay

We all had to write essays in school and college and some of us continue writing afterwards, and what’s more amazing, people read what we write!
Besides my usual distracted style of prose there are valid ways of writing and this article lists and explains some of them.
“I must read this later”, “I must read this later”, “I must read this later”, “I must read this later”.. (hehe, copy and paste would have been handy in school!)