Why the lure of logos wears thin

Here’s an interesting article on the the current trend of free advertising that brand name clothes are. I wonder if I can dig up the excellent article from the Sunday Times about this. Must look later.

Brands are nothing more than “stories attached to objects,” says James Twitchell, a professor of English at the University of Florida who has written widely about branding as a cultural phenomenon. “Sometimes we just go through periods where we’ve heard the story too much,” he says. “Or we’re hearing the story being told by too many people.”

Now, everyone with a Burberry handbag should repeat after me, “We are induvidhuals! We have a distinct style and taste in clothes! Baah! Baah!”

More to be found on nologo.org.

Missing Cork girl

Rymus picks up on the story of a young Cork girl who’se gone missing. I heard her mother talking on the radio earlier and they’re obviously very worried about her.

Bug Pictures

This article on macro photography has some amazing photos of insects! If you’re squemish you may not want to look at it, but there’s plenty of tips on getting those self-same images too. (Via Peter Marshall)

Mid-Summer at the Half Moon

Good weekend all?
We went to the Half Moon on Friday night for the midSummer Festival and a great night it was too! Fred and other bands were playing, and weren’t disappointed! Buy the Echo on Thursday, or at least take a look through it, there may well be a photo of Jacinta, me and Joe in there somewhere!
Pity the Cube was so quiet later, but the Old Oak was buzzing even if some lad took a shine to me for some reason!

Gmail Invites, who wants them?

Short and sweet.. Does anyone still want a Gmail invite? I’ve a few spare. Leave a comment below.
Later… but if you have a Hotmail account you may not receive the invitation! Damn, and I sent Jacinta one this morning!