IRMA sue CD WOW – illegal grey imports!

Sean Murtagh, head of operations at the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA), and Jonathan Jones of CD WOW debate the legality of CD WOW’s operation in this radio recording. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it this morning, but the crux of the argument is that CD WOW is bringing grey imports into Europe from Hong Kong. IRMA says that their retail members are suffering because of the unfair and illegal advantage CD WOW have by operating out of a territory with lower costs.
I don’t know how they’ll sue. CD WOW are based in Hong Kong, IRMA is in Ireland. Guess their executives better not visit Europe any time soon!
A new report on housing in Ireland is out. It speculates that house prices won’t increase like they used to because of higher interest rates and a slow economy but we’ve heard that before. I can’t say if it’ll happen but I’m in the process of buying a house myself and, well, fingers crossed I’ll have an announcement here in a few weeks time!