Linux desktop wars – who's winning?

While searching for more post-it notes applications for Linux (sticky_notes doesn’t let you resize smaller if a sentence is the width of the window.. boo!) I tried a search for linux desktop and noticed a certain desktop environment was conspicious by it’s absence. That may change by the time you read this so don’t hang me if this post doesn’t make sense!



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  1. It’s the fifth result. Gnome is the main desktop of Ubuntu, and several other linux distros..

    It won’t be going anywhere soon. I still find that many of it’s functions are more reliable than KDE’s.. a neat idea would be to try and combine the technologies of KDE, with the more stable libraries from gnome and try to quicken it’s pace like XFCE – there’d be an ultimate desktop – but such things would be next to impossible to accomplish…

  2. I have been using KDE for few years now – from the beginning of my linux days. I had tried Gnome and other desktops before, but for some reason I liked KDE the most. Untill few days ago I took time to fully check out gnome and well.. it has gotten better compared to what it was the last time I tried it and I actually switched to G from K. KDE seems to develop in weird ways – more stuff that you dont need and only hogs the system, while lacking stability..
    So from now on it seems im going to be a G person and hope it wont die :p

    but yea, a lightweight and fast desktop with all the neccessary stuff would be nice. Maybe it’s that all those *nix desktop developers hate to make theirs look too much like windows 😛 …. icewm with desktop(icons), drag and drop etc would be pretty much what im thinking of.

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