How to quit smoking cigarettes

There’s no single way to stop smoking. Some people read Alan Carr’s book, others just decide to give them up, yet others suffer a heart attack or other medical condition brought on by their habit. This story should be familiar to lots of smokers out there. Thank God I don’t smoke..



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  2. It is hard to say where the fault lies. People smoke for a variety of reasons. Smoking products are, and have always been, BIG business. Governments throughout the world gain lots through taxes ON cigarettes. So would a government REALLY want to ban smoking completely? I rather think not.

  3. The best way to quit is to replace smoking with a sport.I did this successfully because i replaced one habit with another, if i didnt stop smoking i would not have progressed.Of course it was hard, but it was made easier as smoking became an obsticle!

  4. I had the did’nt feel like smoking for a week so just kept it going and I read alan carrs book, its now 3 weeks i’m a non smoker !! i’m delighted feel much better already ..

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