Who is Michael Savu?

So, I was browsing the QDB: Top 50 Quotes, and I came across this classic (warning, offensive language!). I wondered then, “Who is Michael Savu? Will his mom ever find the post?”

By Donncha

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HA! nice to see that after 5 years people are still googling michael savu. daaaamn wonder how long people will do it for

Just googled him as well, that bastard sure is popular. There are more people looking for Micheal than Madeleine McCann.

Y’know, at this point even if the real Michael Savu *did* show up online and said, “I am Michael Savu,” no one would believe him and it’d be all but impossible to prove.

Alas, poor Michael Savu truly exists only in our hearts.

Michael where are you??

wonder if michelle still looks as hot as she used to
not to speak about her sister

i was here two years ago:

“grreg says: May 3, 2007 at 9:26 am
where is michael savu??”

and i see that he is still being googled ;]

Omg after 6 years, no trace O.o .. I think after 3rd year of searching, FBI got him into protection.

Googled it several times – still haven’t found out who he is.

Though i don’t think a church-mom would be browsing….

If she did – no wonder nobody ever could find him – he’s still grounded 😀

Greets from Denmark

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