Who is Michael Savu?

So, I was browsing the QDB: Top 50 Quotes, and I came across this classic (warning, offensive language!). I wondered then, “Who is Michael Savu? Will his mom ever find the post?”



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Seems like Michael Savu Disapeared of the face of the earth btw we should make the wiki entry. I’ll try to get round to in sometime 🙂

3 years since i first was here and still no clue?

Can’t we hire someone? Like Scooby Doo?

I have been looking for michael savu aka Turno on the internet for years now, he’s become kind of a legend, as someone mentioned in the comments: the ghost of the internet.
I find this pretty cool, all these people from all over the world bonded by one thing: a quest to track down our messias Michael Savu

I have so many questions,
did he get banned from the internet by his mom, or did she in fact kill him, how old will he be right now, did he ever get the chance to fuck michelle’s brains out, and whaddabout her sister, is the sister as hot as michelle,
do the 2 girls even know about michael savu’s fantasies, are the guys who put the quote on bash his friends or just some internetbuddies,
some many questions, so few answers

holy crap michael is popular as hell, its quite unpleasant to get famous because he just wanted a fuck… give him a brake,

P.S does anyone have Michelles and her sisters pictures??

hey guys
great to see so many fans

i left a small story on what happened with Michelle somewhere on the internet, pics included

gl googling

ps. my mom never read the quotes

Michelle Savu, M.D., Associate Professor of Surgery, UCSD

found this on the net. someone reading this surely knows somebody who works for the cia, please do a quick search 🙂 even though he seems to be tougher to find than me.bin ladin 😛

yup same story… etc… WHERE ARE YOU MICHAEL SAVU!? We’d like to know the end of the story!

It’s 2008 and I’m still trying to find out who Michael Savu is

They should make a movie about him, or maybe a song?

Ha ha lol another googler here, got this from to, where are you Michael? did u get in shit or wat?

You gotta be effin kiddin’ me. Google Michael Savu will ya? What makes all of us do this? Do you realize we all did the same thing after reading that quote? Are we special or what?

Mr. Savu reveal yourself, bruises, scars, wet noodle penis from banging Michelle and all.

LOL googled him as well.
He is probably in church :o. I wonder if he ever got to bang Michelle though ;D

Hi, I am Michael Savu and am with the C.I.A., I banged Mechelle and am a Daddy. I am 46 years old have prostrate cancer which I hope to survive.

I would like to thank all of you for thinking of me and wish all of you the best. I have to go now as I am going to Bang Mechelle.

God Bless

an I am number 280 who came here through google… lol
i wonder if he is allowed to use the internet now, after so many years…

Googled here for the second time in three years, comment #281 😀
Hoping to hear from mysterious Mr. Savu some day…. Almost 300 comments, think about how many of us have only looked this thread without leaving a comment through these five years.

Still no luck finding the elusive Savu… What would happen if he was found? Prob not much, “mini yay” then back to the internets.

I got here through Google too….damn this guy is so popular!! So much people are looking for him….come on Savu…show ya self!!! We are waiting for u!!!! 😛 😛

Hey there, I’m french and i googled Mike Savu. Holy crap if this guy exists, he should know about this page. I mean, internet is freakin’ awesome sometimes.
Getting back on
C ya!!

Awesome. This thread has been alive for like 4 years thanks to Mike. How are you now Mike? Bash still lives. Amazing.

I am Michael Savu, I am here to let everyone know of
my purpose. You may ask what is that purpose,and I ask
in return for you to tell me. I am waiting for your
direction as I can make a difference.

Haha wow, I really thought I was being orignal by Googling for this… time to go back and look at the other results now.

Poor Michael Savu. Probably married, with kids, divorced, alcoholic by now…

Can’t help but to feel sorry for the poor guy.

YEAH I got myself into the first six years in the Michael Savu thread, in 2068 I can make belittling comments about newcomers joining the wagon. Admired by the masses, I will have my own Michelles in excess.

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