Who is Michael Savu?

So, I was browsing the QDB: Top 50 Quotes, and I came across this classic (warning, offensive language!). I wondered then, “Who is Michael Savu? Will his mom ever find the post?”



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hehe, I came here via google too… finally (After about 2 months of seeing Michael Savu’s infamous quote on bash over and over) thought of googling it and here I am. Seems no one really knows who he is, I wish that bash quote contained the channel name or server at the very least.

Someone should buy a domain and make a Michael Savu fan-club.
It’ll be the next ‘all your base’ fad.

It’s been over a year since the hunt for the elusive Michael Savu began. I see him and his mother have left a message on here (if they are genuine) and I’m wondering whether he’s learnt his lesson? Or has been punished justly..? Heh heh.
[Got here through Google & too!]

Wow, I didn’t know Mr. Savu had such a big following 🙂 I’d like to know who he is myself. Yeah, got here via google.

nah, dont pic a picture of jesus, make it elvis, we supposedly know jesus’s whereabouts, and some of us, (yours truly excluded), expect him to return, but noone thinks he’s alive at the moment. elvis on the other hand…. we’ve got no f***ing clue.

Got here through google from :). Michael Savu…if you’re out there reading this. How does it feel to be an internet legend? And did you ever hook up with Michelle? I’m dying to hear the end of the story…does anyone have more info?

hasn’t anyone tried googling usenet?

searching for “michael savu” in google groups:

yields a promising start point. someone named “michael savu” looking to buy/sell several computer related parts circa 1999. the top result even has a phone number and email (even though they may very well be out of date):

“If interested email or call 313493-8524 and ask for Mike Savu.”

I also Googled here like most of you. If the above post is leading us to the correct Michael Savu, he lives somewhere in southeast Michigan (Detroit/Dearborn area). Perhaps our search is coming close to its end.

I am also a Googler, never knew there were as many bored geeks out there searching stupid shite also! I am pledging my first born child as a sacrifice to the Michael Savu Foundation. God truly does love this horny little man!


thats because all of these bored nerd are inside… You don’t see them in public. They are googling Michael Savu! xD

Oh, where are you, Mike Savu?
What happened to you when all this was through?
Did your mother kill you, or leave you black and blue?
Are you happy with the fame you have managed to accrue?
Or would you not of said those things if you could start anew?
Oh, where are you, Mike Savu?

I got here using Google.

Googled for michael savu…didnt expect this though…damn.
Id like to know who michelle and her sister are…hehe

Ha I found it the thing funny as hell, but chances are bash changed the name of the person to michael savu. I mean bash has pretty tight security and besides they probably knew he was gunna get in trouble so meh. Also I doubt that anyone claming to know him is lying.

A person named Michael Savu is listed on Google Groups as attempting to sell some computer wares circa 1999. The phone number listed on these posts is still registered as a landline phone number to “Michael Savu,” hailing from Novi, Michigan (this info attained by WhitePages). Should anyone attempt to contact him, the phone number publicly listed on Google Groups is: (248) 449-7140. His cellular number, a Detroit number registered to Ameritech Cellular, is (313) 493-8524. Happy Savu Hunting.

LOL, I also found this place through Google. #78 is probably right though. Bash.Org might of changed the “real name.”

this is too funny. got here through google and bash also.
…damn, this guy’s got one hell of a name on the net (if he does exist, that is…)

hello – i just wanted to join the community of people who want to know what happened to him… Holy Shit – I thought I’m the only person who googles for his name!…

This is so cool! I’m definetly gonna phone him tommorow. If it is him, and he tried to sell wares in 1999, than he must be in his late twenties. Because according to earlier posts his quote was sent to a couple years ago. Man this is like….Detective Jack or something. Who’s Detective Jack? And more importantly, who is Micheal Savu?

So, two years and we still don’t know if this guy exists, and we’re still leaving anonymous notes in this blog. Heh. Behold the power of the internet, or something 😉

goddamn you michael. Please give us your address, phone number, email, shoe…anything, so we can track you down and discover the mystery of whatever happened if/when your mother found out.

OMG i feel like a newp.. hahaha people google michael savu like 3 years ago.. and here i am sigh.. google 🙂

Yes. I Googled Michael Savu after reading the quote, and read 97 messages from other people who have done the same.

He’s our new messiah, this is a religious experience.

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