Who is Michael Savu?

So, I was browsing the QDB: Top 50 Quotes, and I came across this classic (warning, offensive language!). I wondered then, “Who is Michael Savu? Will his mom ever find the post?”

By Donncha

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I have the same question. Maybe we don’t know what happend to Savu becuase his mom really did kill him.

Where are you Micheal Savu! somebody should write an article on this guy, enquiring minds want to know!
Set up a fund, I pledge $100 to the journalist who writes Micheals story!

Heh, got here through google, aswell.
If I had money, I’d hire someone to track this guy down… I really wanna see if he has his mom’s shoe up his hinder.

wow. I googled him too. this is hysterical. he’s become a celeb. Poor guy can’t even go on the internet and appretiate it though. Do we think that last michael post is really him? can’t believe how many of us dorks looked him up because of the bash thing…

googled too, landed here to. This looks like the temporary Michael Savu shrine 🙂 What w also need is the ID of the assholes who put him up there in the first place … (So we can congratulate them)

dear internet comunity,
i have read about my sons interests, he is a teenager and i know him so well that i know he never will have written this. maybe it was one of his classmates who wants to make him mad.

today is mothersday – i will speak with my son about his interests on internet.
but for shure i will controll for now what he is doing.

Googlists ahoy! Googled here as well, which just comes to show you you should be very careful when uploading blog entries. Making them available online is generally a bad idea. You would have expected there to be a fan club by now, wouldn’t you?

I think the pledge and domain name is a good idea, how about 🙂
I will also pledge some money as a reward for the person who tracks him down and interviews him..get some evidence and some photos!

Count me on the Google brigade. Someday we will find Michael Savu. We will find him and rescue him from the church dungeon into which he hath been cast.

Googled for Michael Savu, hey i just noticed this thread has been going for a whole year now. Thank you Michael, we will rescue you!

Googled here from russia make you wonder

This michal should try to use his popularity in some way. 🙂

Long live rumors.

lmao, the internet constantly proves to me that there are those out there more pathetic than i am, and i thought i was being original when i did this

I also thought I was being original. I mean come on, “who the hell else would Google for Michael Savu”, I said to myself.

I hate myself.

Hehe, funny how makes random IRC chatters minor celebrities 🙂

And I’m also disappointed in how unoriginal this search idea turned out to be.. fiftieth comment to this thread now, approximately one searcher every week since May, 2003 :/.

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