Photo Travel

This article about travelling with your photographic equipment is timely considering the Summer is coming and we’ll be travelling. Thankfully I only have two compact cameras to bring to Chicago!
One to read over in a few months time..

Finding an Office in New York City

I doubt I’ll ever have to rent office space in New York but you never know. Joel’s moving office and he’s got some great tips here. Some of them will even apply if you’re looking to lease private accomodation too.

Differences in the male & female orgasm

You’ll need Javascript to view this page that describes the differences between male and female orgasms. Safe for work! (via Dave)
The Sunday Times has a great article describing the male orgasm. Girls.. if you ever wanted to know what t’s like, Jonathan Margolis describes it very well! Although I do disagree that women have better ones than men!


Fascinating! This story made me chuckle until I thought about it a bit. Then my head started spinning as I thought of all the paradoxes time travel creates..
No, not really, I was just eating my lunch and thinking about nothing in particular.