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Tooth Ache

Some Thoughts:

  1. When you have a tooth ache everything else takes second place.
  2. Oh, and the tooth ache always happens on a bank holiday weekend, to ensure maximum pain, and remind you to go to the bloody dentist more often!
  3. Vodka, rubbed onto the infected gum/teeth is a god-send for pain relief. It lasts almost 3 hours and it’ll let you get some measure of rest at night.
  4. Have an understanding partner who’ll take care of you and fuss over you.
  5. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  6. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  7. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.
  8. Brush, floss and see your dentist more often.

I’ll probably have to get a root-canal next week, the tooth is dead so hopefully it won’t be too sore. (I’m not too hopeful though..)

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i have real bad tooth ache !!! my side of my gead is hurting so much as i write this im in pain can concentrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ouch/!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! help plase!!!

i was so disapointed when seeing this page as i rely thought i would get some ideas of relifing the pain from the toothace bummer

God, it really pisses me of to see hoe expensive it is to go to the dentist. Tue number of people who can’t afford going to the dentist continues to increase throughout the years. even I myself can’t afford afford a stupid check up so I simply avoid going to the dentist.

I hate it when my teeth hurt, and there’s nothing I can do about it. I can ease the pain, but what good will that be if the pain continues to come back after the hour? Well right now I have MAJOR molar pain that is killing me. I’ve been up for the past 2 hours. The pain is so bad that I try to sleep sitting up. (having my head at a certain elevation helps ease the pain).

It seems that there are many good home remedies on this website (the comments not the dumb article). I’d like to try the vodka trick, but unfortunately I don’t have alcohol. I took 2 advils, and that seems to have work for my complete right side of my mouth. I really don’t know what I’m going to do.

If you can get your hands on some Coloital Silver Water, it does work as an antibiotic. You soak the painful area with cotton ball or similar. You can also drink the water. Just use a little at a time, like a dixie cup half full. Best to you.

Amen. Whats up with the crazy cost f dentistry? No going to the ER for teeth matters. My GF is in severe pain after aawful filling. Cant get redone there do to new job so hours cannot accomidate s must see new dds for out-of-network. $200 out of pocket. Sad.

I feel all your pain this page doesn’t help and my parents don’t want to take me to the dentest because I can’t miss anymore days of school when I can get a note they told me I need a root canal in 8 years but I think I need it now my moler is hurting sooooo bad and I want to rip it out I’m crying and don’t know what to do if I don’t put presher on it it hurts very bad please help!!!

Tooth pain that you can’t stand is most likely a infection and left untreated it can go to your heart, should not let it go that far as it can or will cause death. Penicillian taken will take care of it immediately within the hr.
do not prolong a Dentist appointment or let them set you up one,later that week as it is dangerous. My dentist wanted to schedule my appointment two weeks later, telling me to take advil etc. I ended up going to the Emergency that same day, everything whisky, over the counter pain pills- more than what it tells you to take did not which meant infection did not go away.
Silver Biotics may help or clear the infection Holistic health vitamin store. Not very expensive, or it may only be temperary feeling of no pain – then back a couple hrs later or off and on. Get penicillian for it. Then get treated if you still have problems after taking it. If it goes away, then your fine.

put some finger nail polish directly on the opening and let it dry without letting your saliva move it out of place because it burns…alot. use clear color so you dont look like and idiot, and remember, let it dry the first time!! It will seal the hole until you can get to the dentist. Take pennicillin if you can get it and are not allergic. dont use too much anbesol as you can o.d. on it and if your tooth is absessed your heart can stop and kill you. probably won’t, but it can. this way you can go to work and help me pay some of the taxes uncle sam uses to screw us until we’re 67.

So sorry about your toothache. The best thing for reliving the pain is for you to go to the dentist. You may need to be on an antibiotic for the infection. You may find that an antibiotic can relieve the pain within 24 – 48 hours. Please go to the pharmacist get some home remedies until you can get into the dentist’s office. I had a couple of infected teeth pulled – too late for me to have root canal – and it is the best thing I did.
Even if you have to borrow the money – it will be worth every penny to get rid of the pain! Julie

Oh god thankyou to the person who posted this. I was seriously wondering around the house mumbling and sobbing. Strong pain killers did nothing to help but the vodka thing (well in my case some really expensive 20yr old scotch) actually dulled the pain enough to get to sleep. I found getting tissues and drying the gum as much as possible then holding a drenched cotton ball or gauze on there for as long as I could worked best. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon and I am so relieved that I have something to get me by untill then. Again THANKYOU THANKYOU THANKYOU.

Oragel helped me ………………i was in complete pain for 6 months, i overdosed on Ibuprofen, i was taken them every 2 hours. Oragel is at all chemists over the counter. Hope this helps and you get relief soon

Take care. xxx

I was going to suggest orajel, unless you’re sensitive to benzocaine(the active ingredient). Otherwise, good old fashioned clove oil from the chemist. It tastes rank, but it’s a local anaesthetic.(you can also use it to humanely euthanise sick pet fish, weirdly enough)

try real vanilla or banana sometimes crushed ice in a plastic bag or frozen peas in a plastic bag use a Q-tip 2 apply your orijel and leave the Q-tip on the tooth

What i would recommend is get a advil gel medicine and get a knife ( or whatever tool to make a hole to sqeeze the juice inside) and get a Q-tip and take out the cottons on both side and roll them together to make a small ball in order to stick in inside your broken tooth, and squeeze the juice onto the Q-tip and place it inside the broken teeth… ( if you have two or more broken teeth on the same area, u might need to make another one for those teeth

help my tooth is aching so much i had to browse about it, will get it yanked off 2 wks time, a suggeston i read here says kissing can actually releive it , this seems like a wellcome alternative for me, to kiss a girl i like, compromising my christian virtues , pls God help , this could drive a guy crazy !! the most neurotic thing about it , i mean what causes people to go mental with tooth ache is not so much the extent , but the persistence and duratio n of the ache . pease pray for me . take care .

I really doubt that kissing will relieve your toothache. I have never heard of such a thing. So if your worried about compromising your christian virtues == you have nothing to worry about – no need to kiss anyone – it won’t help you anyway. GO TO THE DENTIST…please…and my prayers are with you……hugs, from Julie

Friday March 11 Toothache diven me mad since Tuesday.Dentist day off Wednesday, Thursday sit patiently and wait at twelve, to be told can’t see anything. come back if you can decided which tooth it is, thought in the twenty first century he could have told me. all my head aches. any suggestions

I am havin a lot of trouble. My tooth is achin so bad and i am breastfeeding so that complicates things a bit. hopefully i’ll have a rootcanal tomorrow, pray for strength. God bless u all

my tooth is acheing sooooooooo bad i keep rescheduleing my dentist appointment because i cant affored it right now what can i do to reliave this pain

Even if you have to go on a payment plan – go to the dentist and get the root canal – you are lucky – I had to have my teeth pulled to late for a root canal. Julie 🙂

my tooth is hutring so bad i feel it in my neck and i cant see the dentist2 tomorrow what can i trhe vodka really works whatr if i had the vodka in the freezer 2 get cold because i like it when its cold and my tooth cant take it because its to cold

OOOOOuch! my tooth is really painful! my bottom tooth is decayed and has no side to it but not painful my other side bottom tooth has a hole in it but not painful yet instantly my top second back tooth is killing me! i am petrified of the dentist had a real bad experience when i was yonger have taken solphodol yet it is painful beyond beleive rather go through child birth then this help!

Why does a toothache hurt the most at night and make it so you can’t sleep? I’m calling the dentist tomorrow!!!

To get technical it has to do with circadian rhythm(your internal clock). If only knowing this made the pain go away.

I have removed most of my teeth and i’m still having pains. do i remove it and get false teeth to replace the extracted teeth?

oh god pain i have had for 3 days i had one pulled out and still got the pain what can i do cos im going spare here

I cannot believe I waited this long to get something done to my teeth. I am in so much pain, WhYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY mEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?????????????? Help I need relief fast.

like others who’ve posted, I’ve got a toothache as well. It’s so annoying, I have no motivation to get back to work and I’ve got an exam tomorrow! Maybe some pain killers will help

All last week I was in pain. Now the right side of my face/head is huge. I just got back from the dentist. She told me to call a different dentist. Now I have to wait 2 weeks to go to the other dentist/specialist for root canal. Now I am looking forward to going to the dentist. This morning I just got Motrin. We will see if it works. I was using Advil and Vodka. That did work.

Just wondering how your experiance turned out. I know it was a long time ago but.. was it abcessed? Asshole doctor tells you to go see someone else??? yours sounded liek an emergency of priority. I hope everything turned pout alright.\


I never tried the vodka but orajel and advil AND tylenol helps. I take perks and oxy for back surgery and they are no help except when I got really desperate I crushed a perk and put it in the hole, it was awesome but didnt last too long. You can do the same with asprin but they taste nasty!

If you are swollen or have a bump on your gums you have an abscess, rince with warm salt water, tepid should not worsen pain. Of you have a hole in tooth or gum pocked, slight pressure should push out the bad stuff. Immediately spit out and rinse with listerine! Good news, antibiotics should help pain in a dayor two
. Some dentists or even fam dr will give antibiotics without an appt.
Alot of dentists will do pmt plans and cash discount, some have emergency hoirs and some towns have emergency dentist.medicare/ medecaid will only cover extractions and they r not very expnsive. Hospitals wont do much if anything unless you are lucky and they have an inhouse dentist. My dad is 83 and he says when he was a kid he would walk to the clinic, with no adult!! And they would pull teeth for a nickle each, with no numbing!

I have had a tooth ache for two weeks. However I could manage it with anbesol and motrin, But every time I ate or drank anything it was pain for hours until I could get it under control So I went to the Denist today and started a root canal only to find that the tooth is to far gone to save. the tooth would not get numb enough to pull it because of infection. So a temp. filing went in and now that I can feel my face again, I can’t stand the pain. it feels as if she laid the filing on my nerve end and the pressure and pain are to much. I have taken 1000ml of motrin and IO tried the wiskey thing any I have to be at work by eight and I am not getting to sleep any time soon. Ice is out of the question. I hurts more. any other ideas

…….. OK …….. it’s late…. really, really late for me…. i have to get up in 4 hours to go to work… but it hurts… theextreme pain i feel is like none other… i thought that i could feel my gums throbbing so hard, that they were going to break open, and spew blood everywhere… (maybe just maybe that would releive some pressure…) i put on the anbesol… it numbed everything in my mouth but the pain… i took a big handful of tylenol… (like 10) and the vodka thing, all i’ve got is freezing cold cuban rum. it ain’t touching my mouth…
and to top it off… my wife caught me crying in bed because ot hurt so bad, (i’m a little embarrased)

I’m feeling a little crazy about it… i can’t control the pain, and everything i do seems to make it worse!!
Ouch… it hurts just complaining about it, and i’m not using my mouth to do it!!! —– Lukewarmsteak

I really dont understand… I have met several people with decaying teeth. I never see them bent over in pain. I get a cavity, which causes a tooth to break off and I’m in soooo much pain. One thing for sure I’m trying the vodka tonight!@

Had a toothache last week and its the most horrible pain ive ever experienced. Ive had 3 kids and would much rather do child labor than experience this pain again. At least you get a break from the pain while in labor. Nothing helped my pain. I took vicodin and ibuprofen and neither one helped. Finally got in and got a root canal on Friday and all pain is gone. Earache, pressure behind cheek and throbbing pain in my tooth are all gone.

hey just wanted to agree with the labor pain lol…im in so much pain right now i cant even think straight!!! i got some tylenol 4s from my doc and still hurts like no other!!! going for a root canal friday hoping it helps!!

i will have to agree to i would rather go throw labour again i have had tooth ake for 3weeks and yesturday found out its an infection and a massive whole in it and i cant go in till monday now to have it out and i cant sleep and i have a baby nothing helps i have took everything 🙁 i just want a good sleep cuse its my boys bday on saturday can anyone help!!!

I’m surprised they don’t have tooth ache related suicide statistics. I haven’t tried the vodka yet. I guess it’s worth a shot. Orajel, Ambesol, Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, vicoden, Tylenol with Codeine do nothing for it. Had a root canal twice already on this tooth. Went to the dentist last week, was refered to a specialist, saw her today and now I have to make an appointment with someone else to have them look at it and then make another appointment to have them extract it. Hopefully they can get rid of my wisdom teeth while they’re at it. I wish they had a puch card. Buy 4 get the 5th extraction free. What a waste of money, but it’s worth it to get my sanity back and the pain gone.

Hey people, I’ve had the mother of all tooth aches for 8 days now.. the pain is totally OFF THE METER! I had both my front top incisors knocked out in a good old English pub fight, and that was nothin.. this mother! PEACE. J.M. -UK MASSIVE!-

ohh man its tru it hurts the worst right when going to sleep… this tooth has a little cav. in it and it hurts so bad i have another tooth half gone never hurt a day in my life ……i just dont get it!!!!!!!

This really is bull crap if you know what I mean. The pain of a tooth ache Want STOP and it takes you 5 days to get in to see a Dr. Give me a break!! Why don’t they have walk in dr. for people in pain with tooth acheS?? Part of my filling has came out and I feel so bad. If i can just get the damn thing pull out I will do it myself.. i have tried everything and nothing works i take about 3 sleeping pills at night just to sleep a few hours the pain won’t stop…….

It snapped of last year and half of it is still in there..
what do i do without seaking a dentist.. its hurting really bad. Makes me angry !!!

My tooth is killing me and I have to be up early for Christmas and what not …. I can’t sleep and nothing is working! Why me??? 🙁

I have the mother of all toothaches. I’ll get it yanked on Tuesday, but what do I do until then. The pain is so severe, the pliers in my toolbox are looking real useful now. I’ve been crushing up aspirin and making a paste w/ it, then packing the hole..short term relief! I guess I’ll try the vodka. Vicoden,ibuprofen…do nothing..

most of my bottom tooth is decayed and falling apart and while i have yet to have sharp pains by jaw and neck feel bruised. Although im terrifed hopefully i can get into the dentist soon

Im in so much pain, not sleeped in three days. Only that helps my tooth for a second relif is ice cold water direct on the tooth then spitting the water out in a bowl and repeting the process…It hurts so much ARRRRR

Hi Matthew,
I just found your post. I see that it is from January 2006. Did you ever find out why only ice water helped your toothache?

My husband has the same problem and I have never heard of anyone else besides him that only ice cold helped until I read your post.

He has not slept in 5 days now and the only thing that gives him any relief is putting ice directly on the tooth.

Do you have any advice for him?

Thank you,

I know this is an old post, but sounds like the tooth or gums are infected. Holding ice cold water in your mouth alleviates the pain entirely, but it soon returns after spitting the water out. I’ve had this happen a couple times before, and I would lay in bed with a big cup of ice water, sipping it every few minutes. Those few moments of relief are priceless, but having to take sips of water every few minutes quickly becomes tedious.

I have a root canal planned for tomorrow, tooth is hurting so bad! Tried all pills etc, nothing worked…ice cold water works BUT it’s like crack, the more you use it the more you need it and then you can’t sleep because you can’t have your ICE COLD WATER!!! Had to break the pattern, tried VODKA..Take a shot glass fill it with VODKA and put it in your mouth on the side that HURTS and then keep it there through the pain, spit or swallow(if you didn’t take any pain killers, oh who cares really!) and REPEAT..There’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Great…I’m probably the only person in the world without Vodka in their home…shit…the whole left side of my mouth is in pain right now….can’t sleep….help me…

You know what I had a tooth ache for like three days and then last night I used peroxide and felt a little pressure on my tooth and all the pain went away. Like something was in my tooth that caused it to hurt. The pain was so unbearable too no meds worked. Now I feel a lot better.

Jeez, I was feeling a little sorry for myself because I have the beginnings of what may or may not be a persistent toothache, until I read the posts above. You all have my sympathy, because I’ve been there myself in the past and know what it’s like. However, I live in a remote area and thus always have some antibiotics around, just in case of any infection. Can you get a doc to give you a prescription? Mine saved me an expensive airplane trip to the nearest dentist once, at least until summer when I could get to town by boat and road to have it looked after. If it’s an abcess, antibiotics should help, and, as I understand it, could also prevent more serious problems arising from untreated infection. Of course, if the problem is an exposed nerve from a broken tooth, filling fell out, etc., but no infection, antibiotics are not going to help and should not be taken.

Anyway, good luck to all you fellow sufferers. It enough to make a gal get false teeth and be done with tooth pain.


boy o’ boy! I’m sure glad for this web-site because a little laugh is in-deed very much appreciated from folks that have shared and or sharing the same pain I’ve been batteling for a couple of days. This pain should have it’s very own category rather than being generalized as pain or toothache. To categorize this pain as “toothache” is like naming your pet chihuahua “killer!” I’ve never been under so many different kinds of drugs trying to control this pain. Oh and I’m probably the 2nd person without vodka in my their as well. At the moment I’m trying this product to temporarily fill my cavity “refilit” but the damn thing won’t stick to my cavity! At the moment I’m not feeling the pain but I know its only a matter of time till the damn beast brutually tortures me again. I need remedies for amo when this things starts to ache again. I’ve tried most of the things mentioned above and even tried meditating but I only meditate myself to a place filled with flames (hell). Gosh darn it! This stupid temporary filling fell off again! Good luck you all and GOD Help us all!!!!!!

misery loves company so i found this site. i had a tooth ache for the past week and i have tried everything known to man. anbesol numbs my tounge and has no effect on the tooth. i tried some appleton with cloves which was helpful in the begining, warm salt and any and every suggestion given to me. yesterday i goy enough guts to go to the dentist. they drilled and cleaned it and gave me a temporary filling but yesterdaywhen i got home things really got from bad to worse. i cried like a baby last nigt i felt like my head and especially my ear was going to blow. i have given up i thought going to the dentist would give my a relief but living in a small undeveloped island you have to take what you get. someone help before i put my head through a wall

that dentist didnt know what he was doing!! you poor thing, you should have definatly gotten relief. MAby they do it, so you HAVE TO go back to spend more money. Makes one not so sorry for their hi suicide rate sometimes.

Try Excedrine migraine for a toothache. It is the only thing I have found that works this good, short of a prescription. I have severe tooth pain where a couple of teeth are broken off at the gum line, and severe cavities. I can’t afford dentist right now either.

can anyone explain in idiot terms what is a root canal? dont ask why i need to know…use your imagination!!


My understanding of a root canal procedure is when a tooth is beyond saving for various reasons, but you don’t need or want to have it yanked out, and so the dentist removes all the living pulp in the tooth, which goes right down into the roots of the tooth, in the bony part of your gums. Then he/she fills the empty space with a permanent filler. The tooth is then usually capped, as a dead tooth often becomes brittle and dark.

I had one of these done on a pre-molar, and it didn’t hurt at all while it was being done. Unfortunately, though, it started to act up months after the cap had been put on, and another dentist told me it was because the first dentist (who had moved away) had done a poor job and didn’t get all the pulp out, and infection resulted. Antibiotics fixed that, and I still have the tooth. Since then it hasn’t been a problem really, but could be someday, I’m told, and would have to be redone or yanked. I’m personally leery of having future root canals and caps done.

Moral of the story: go to a good dentist with lots of root canal experience, and ask him/her what the chances are of screw-ups!! Too bad we can’t get them to sign guarantees …

Good luck.

Best way (and this worked for me) is to get a cup put 2 teaspoons of salt in it stir with hot water into a paste then add a little cold water to make warm then swirl around in your mouth for 5 minutes it may hurt like hell at first but try to bear with it the pain will go away!

hi, i tried tghe salt water with the pain thing… IT DOES NOT WORK =’,’,[, like ive missed 2 weeks worth of school, ik i have an absesed tooth, i saw a dentist, but the pain is to bad and of course the drugs dont work, u know anything else?????

I have a tooth that broke off out of nowhere yesterday and of course it is a weekend when there is not a dentist in sight. I am in excruciating pain in my ear, head and mouth. Usually crushing an aspirin into a powder and packing it on a tooth will help me get temporary relief, but nothing is helping me right now. I hope that I can find a dentist to take me in the morning and just rip this tooth out. It is in the back and I don’t need it for anything. Best of luck to everyone who is in pain. we need it. I second whoever said that they should give this pain a category of its own!

I went to the dentist 4 months ago and paid $1300.00. I had a root canal and crown, the tooth has been infected ever sence with swelling and infection coming out. she also filled a tooth and accidently went to the root. She said maybe it will heal and covered it up with a filling. the tooth is in so much pain now. I think it cracked because the filling was too thick and my bite was out of balance. Also one tooth which she couldn’t get numb she drill anyways and I felt like I was giving birth. She was asking the asistance how to do the root canal. I think it was her 1st one. I am going back tomorrow if they will let me in I can’t sleep. I would like to see a lawyer and get a refund, so I can go get real help. I am sick of paying for serivice that is done incorrectly.

3rd person w/o Vodka, going to to get some tonight. Can hurt. I have tried everything else. Going to the dentist on Thur..but its just a check up, they “don’t have time to do anything”. But I’m afraid now after reading that it won’t help. Can’t sleep, can’t eat, can’t concentrate (had to think how to spell that). Can’t a dentist provide a pain killer that works – novicaine sounds good! Good luck everyone!

Hey I’ve had a toothache for several days and I went to the dentist yesturday and found out my tooth’s root has begun growing into my jaws main nerve!! As it continues to do so the pain has moved from a localized ache to a severe pain that is inflaming my entire jaw. This is rediculous I am in classes right now and can’t miss due to attendence in my grading but I’m starting to fail my test becuase I can’t concentrate and I’m not getting any sleep at night. Does anyone have any suggestions for concentration so I don’t lose my scholarship over a stupid tooth. Thanx.

heres one for yall i had 12 teeth pulled in feb 6th went back monday dentist said the gums are healing well..which i know they will be sore for a while and sometimes slivers will come up..well about a hour ago i felt like a sliver or so i thought come upo and the more it worked on my still sore gum the bigger it got ..much to my suprise it seems to be part of a tooth still lodged inside my gum!..emergency room said they cant do anything abouit it and dentist only comes to the town i live in once a now what?and yes its hurting and im out of pain pills

o baby o baby o baby av got the worst tooth ache pain EVER cant sleep cant drink 🙁 coz it to have root canal dose it hurt never had it befor am scared.woz at denist thurasday an th denist woman woz ripin at ma tooth for 30 mins an then she sed to me i cant take it out i wanted to cry i wanna cry now.people all i can say look after your teethhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Good lord, I feel all your pain I too went to the dental colege in Memphis Tn. Bad tooth ache!I was sent to the 3rd floor for the tooth to be pulled, he sent me to the 4th flooor for a root canal stating that the tooth was not bad enough to need pulling. The guy on the 4th floor had his bags already packed and a look on his face that said he wanted to go home, and also do you know how much a root canal is going to cost,along with the build up and the crown? So I get sent back down to the 3rd floor for an extraction, so now I’m thinking every one just wants to go home and not be bothered with me. They all deny it, so I get my tooth pulled the last one on the lower left. Thr two young guys were having a real hard time so the old one come’s in their instructor, I swallow hard because I know it’s no more Mr. nice guy , he’s about business I screemed so loud and farted a loud uncontrolled fart that I was most embarressed about. You just cant take a fart back, it’s out there and you did it! yet maybe it’s a warped kind of pay back. Now on the 18th I got the tooth pulled on the 14th I am still in a lot of pain so tonight I went to the licour store and I dion’t drink and I bought 3 kinds of booze, cheers.

heh,my eye, ear, cheek, jaw, and neck hurt soooooo bad. i had a temp. crown put on second to last tooth and it feels like the cement is putting pressure on an exposed nerve. i was taking advil every 5 hr. now it’s every 3-4. codene doesn’t even touch the pain. the tooth on the other side feels like he drilled too far and covered an exposed nerve there also, because whenever i bite down shooting pain! soooo it’s been a week of not being able to chew very well. seeing doc. mon. at 1pm, never thought i’d love going to dentist. i won’t do root canals, so he’ll probably have to pull the tooth and later get a bridge. i went to the emergency and they gave me anti biotics and codene for the week end. i’ve been saturating my tooth with hydrogen peroxide 3-4 times a day. it fizzles up big time. there really should be a walk in clinic late hrs for this kind of thing. there’s just no pain like it. my brain can’t remember a thing lately. good luck all with your dental problems.

was just at a site that talked about ideas we can try for pain relief, here goes hurricane jel, food grade clove oil, 2 T baking soda in glass of room temp. water, leave on tooth for couple of seconds then spit out repeat til glass is empty, ground cloves on tooth, room temp. caffene free diet coke swish around sev. times, hydrogen peroxide leave on tooth til it foams all up then spit out, i tried this and feels lots better,pure vanilla extract with qtip. fingertip of salt on tooth this lasts for 30 to 45 min., wet a washcloth and place in zip lock bag, stick in freezer and lay on it when frozen might help. good luck my friends in pain. i will be trying several of these tonight. tired of my steady diet of advil and it can’t be good on my kidneys and liver.

root canal got to have 1 dont wont1 i no its gonna hurt like really bad had 2day of work coz of the pain an not benn sleep now for 3days some1 help meeeeee:(

god i hope nose of u have to go thow the pain i am coz its so bad av had enuf am goin to the densit 2moz an demaindin thats they take the pain away

Thank God for this blog! I was hit by a car while jogging, I have had neck surgery, I’ve had salmonela food poisoning but never in my life have I been in as much pain as I am right now… all due to a tooth! I feel completely weak and pathetic and it is good to know that there are others out there who agree that this is the worst pain they have ever felt too. I felt the pain coming on about 3 weeks ago while on a work retreat and thought it was sinus pressure from a cold I was trying to get over. It got worse and worse and finally something told me to make an appointment with my dentist *just in case* which is not like me at all. Total time between initial dentist visit on Monday, February 13th and my scheduled root canal at 4pm today, February 21st – 8 days, so I count myself lucky. I have never looked forward to a dental appointment so much in my life. The last 3 days I was bawling to the point of hysteria, so my dentist prescribed Tylenol with Codeine (which takes 40 minutes to work and only works for about 1 1/2 hours after that and shouldn’t be taken more than once every 4 hours – no good) and finally Hydrocodone (generic Vicatin) after I left a blubbering message begging for my root canal to be bumped up even by a few hours. The Hydrocodone has worked well in conjuction with maximum strength ambisol. And I finally slept for almost 12 hours today after 2 nights with almost none. I haven’t had any solid food for 2 days – I’ve stuck to Slim Fast (high in protein and vits) and Odwalla juice smoothies (fruits and veggies) all drunk through a straw to avoid the teeth. It has worked well to keep my energy up and in avoiding the horrible pain in my jaw after chewing. All in all I had to take 3.5 days off work to deal with this and it’s not over yet. My poor boyfriend has been trying everything to help me, including finding this website, getting me to rub gin on my gums, and putting up with a crumpled heap of a girlfriend drooling on herself while crying in agony – it’s not for the faint of heart. Tooth aches are serious business and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Take the time off work, beg the dentist for meds, watch a comedy special (laughing atcually felt good) and good luck to you all!

well karla i av had 4 days of work coz of my tooth pain its is so bad an to make it worse i have an infection dent go sleep for 3day till i got my antibioctis an the pain as gone a little i need a root canal an am scared:( i dont want it but it will make the pain go for good the pain of tooth ache is unreal.i hope all your toothaches go an never come back.

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