The Nokia 7650 Gameboy emulator, GoBoy, works really well! I played Tetris and Super Mario Bros. this morning, although you really need “zipman” to play them from the zip files. Storing 1MB rom files uncompressed is silly when they compress to less than 300KB.
Do you need some Gameboy roms to play with? Use Google, it’s easy enough to find download sites..
Must buy an infra-red port or blue tooth card too.. GPRS is bloody expensive!

20 thoughts on “GoBoy

  1. I have managed to get the GOBOY emulator on the 7650 (via infra red), how do you get the games on there?
    I was using the Nokia software and it only accepts .sis files. Can you help please?

  2. To send games (or other non .sis files) to your 7650 just right click on them in windows and click go to -> infrared recipient. They’ll show up in your inbox and then you can just select them to read/use them.

  3. how do you get goboy games, like download them? ploease provide a link or something to help. thanks

  4. hey if u all want free downloads. waptrick.com will do but i’m afraid there are no symbian software, all java, and realtones, i’ve tried a lot of free downloads, even wap.getjar.com does’t give any free but trial softwares, waptrick is still god for me…….

  5. yh there is another way to put the program on ur fone. you will need:
    FExplorer and a memory card
    you put the program on ur memory card and them put it in ur fone then go into FExplorer and click on the program to instal it you can also play music this way and install games

  6. i want to install a gba emulator in my phone the model is 6600 and please the file should be in sis format please share

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