Realaudio links from RTE.Passe …

Realaudio links from RTE.

Passenger takes Ryanair to court – Jane O’Keeffe, from Leopardstown Heights in Dublin, was the airline’s one-millionth passenger, and told the High Court today that they reneged on a prize of free flights for life.

Head of Mater calls for ban on TV alcohol ads – Dr John Sheehan, consultant psychiatrist whose research prompted a call for the ban, says alcohol consumption is having a massive impact on hospital admissions.

U2 wins 4 Grammys last night – Carole Coleman, reports on U2’s success last night.

Paul Collins would be proud! R …

Paul Collins would be proud! RedFM were talking about MP3s, music formats etc, and the expert they had on said MP3 wasn’t a propreitary format. Then they gave out their phone number so I rang up to point out the MP3 is protected by patents. I did so, but they cut me off before I could mention Ogg Vorbis and afterwards I should have pointed out that MP3 is propreitary because I can’t do what I like with the format without paying a licence fee. I can do that with Ogg.

Good night, I’m going to bed!

The future of music – You know …

The future of musicYou know what the best part is? You might never hear a boy band ever again. (from camworld)
There’s also several more interesting article on that site.

Foolproof PHP Error Notification – Ivan’s right. PHP error notification sucks. He’s devised a good way around it!

PHP security holes exist in the handling of POST data. PHP4 is easy to work around, just disable file uploads, but in PHP3 you have to patch the source.

The Thawte SSL cert renewal fo …

The Thawte SSL cert renewal form isn’t very friendly. It tells you to paste your CSR into the box provided but doesn’t tell you how to generate the CSR. It’s been a year since I had to do this so obviously I’d forgotten.
I went off doing something else, when up popped a window asking if I needed help because I had been on the same page for over 5 minutes. It had links to exactly what I wanted! Now, why couldn’t they link to that page directly?
And just in case Google brought you here, here’s instructions on building the CSR for many different platforms.